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They don’t expect immediate result; one of the things that set off a consultant is discouragement that comes from negative or not-too-good responses from potential clients. The successful real estate consultants are used to unfriendly comments from new potential clients. They do not make a U-turn when the negotiation seems unyielding, they believe in building relationship. They believe in building bridges that take them to the very end of business transactions. The potential buyers you meet today might not always buy, but you don’t throw them away entirely, 6 months down the line, they might ring your bell.


They don’t bug their potential clients: if other strategies would make your clients want to buy or rent from you, bugging them would do nothing than send a bad signal to them – a signal that could make them have a rethink of the genuineness of either the property or you. People don’t like to be bugged as it seems suspicious. Real estate involves huge figures that necessitate investors to be extra careful especially with scammers, so bugging your clients (investors) with never-ending calls, sms, emails, etc. could jeopardize your about-to-be-sealed deal. Stay professional. Don’t create an impression that all you need is their money. It’s incongruous to put another call through after 2 missed calls. Allow breathing space for rumination.
They don’t fear taking calculated risks; successful consultants don’t make reckless or foolish risks; they spend time weighing the risks and benefits for their clients before making a big decision together. And they fully inform their clients of the potential downsides before they take action.

They don’t underrate anyone: it’s wise not to underrate anyone because history reveals appearances can be deceiving. Your generator engineer could be looking for an apartment to secure or a land to purchase. The person sitting next to you in the cab could be a sister or a brother to someone who is in urgent need for a property. The bank teller could have the contact you need to initiate a great business proposal. Why don’t you just introduce yourself amicably, tell what you do and exchange cards?

Researches also prove that some business contacts are got through people who have nothing to do with the products – they just refer due to good relationship. Tell everyone about what you do – the person might not be the buyer, but might be the referrer.



They don’t speak to client when they are clueless: Know everything about your business. Don’t guess! Give first class report! Clients seem skeptical towards those that know something about everything, but judge more reliable those that know everything about something. When you are clueless about an issue you are trusted to have known, it is better to protect your image by not giving false information: tell them you would get back to them ASAP so as to give them the best useful information.

Being clueless does not in any way speak good about you and your business, so it’s better to know everything about your business than mess yourself up with a new well informed customer.


They don’t dwell on the past: they set new goals. successful consultants don’t waste time wishing things were different. They acknowledge their past transaction history and can say what they have learned from it. However, they don’t constantly relive a bad experience or fantasize about the glory days. Instead, they live for the present and plan for the future.


They don’t close the door behind their clients after a successful transaction: they do not say “goodbye” to their clients after a successful transaction, in lieu, they say “see you again”. They put a call through not to introduce another property but to say “hi”. They know it is cheaper to keep existing customers than it is to find new ones. Successful real estate consultants work very hard at building solid relationships with their existing customers. They reward them for patronage regularly; they ask for feedbacks, they look for ways to constantly improve the services they are offering.

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